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Local 63 to Hold 10th Annual Chuck Drake Memorial Guide Dog Dash August 27th

The 10th Annual Guide Dog Dash, benefiting Guide Dogs of America, will be held Saturday, August 27th, 2016. The ride begins and ends at the Machinists District W24 Hall in Gladstone, Ore.

Each rider and passenger will receive an event t-shirt, and registration is only $35 per rider, $10 per passenger. The ride will be followed by lunch and a raffle. Join us for the fun! Information is below.Pre-registration is appreciated.

Guide Dog Dash Flyer

Registration Form

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District W24 Guide Dogs Golf Tournament Set for September 12th

The 28th Annual IAM District W24 Golf Tournament, benefiting Guide Dogs of America, is slated for Monday, September 12, 2016, at Heron Lakes Golf Club in Portland, Ore.

The format is a four-person scramble. Entry fees are $125 per golfer, which includes green fees, cart rental, and range balls. The range opens at 7:00 a.m. and the tournament will begin with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. After the tournament, you'll be treated to a luncheon, raffle and awards presentation, including team prizes and prizes for K-P, Long Drives and a Putting Contest.

Don't miss out on the fun! All the information you need is below!

Golf Tourney Flyer

Golfer Registration Form

Sponsor Letter

Sponsor Form

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Missoula Mechanics Ratify New Agreement

Eight IAM members employed by the City of Missoula whose responsibilities include maintaining all of the City cars, trucks and heavy equipment, ratified a new four-year agreement this month.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • 1. Base wage increases each year of the agreement
  • 2. Increases to the Mechanics Incentive Pay Program, which will allow mechanics to increase their hourly base rate of pay by as much as $8.00/hour over the term of the agreement by successfully passing and maintaining certain ASE certifications
  • 3. Provides for a cell phone allowance with increases each year of the agreement for employees who use personal cell phones on-hour for work-related purposes
  • 4. Provides for prescription safety glasses and/or lenses
  • 5. Increases clothing and tool allowances each year of the agreement
  • 6. Increases the amount of insurance coverage for personal tools
  • 7. Significantly increases longevity pay
  • 8. Maintains employer paid health care with a yearly cap on employee increases
  • 9. Establishes a new Joint Labor/Management Health and Safety Committee
  • 10. Increases the DOT requires physical benefit
  • 11. Increases for stand by pay

IAM Members at Weyco Ratify Two Year Agreement

Monday, March 7th, 1300 IAM members who work for Weyerhaeuser in Washington and Oregon ratified a two year settlement agreement and reaffirmation of the current collective bargaining agreement by a 61% margin.

Terms of the agreement include significant wage increases in 2016 and 2017, along with Company contributions to the Nelson Trust Health Care Plan both years. The agreement also includes maintaining the supplemental week of vacation pay for members with 20+ years of seniority and increases to the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension plans.

"We still have the other big contracts on the Woods employers to tackle," said District W24 ADBR Noel Willet, "but this is a good start for our members at Weyco."

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2015 AMPP Performance Yields 3.0 Percent Payout

***This joint message is being sent to Boeing employees represented by IAM 751 and W24 and their managers, from Walt Odisho, Commercial Airplanes vice president of Manufacturing & Safety, Richard Jackson, IAM District 751 Chief of Staff, and W24 President Chip Elliott***

2015 AMPP performance yields 3.0 percent payout

- Quality improvement achieves 15.14% improvement

- Productivity performance reached 8.18% improvement

- Safety performance realized 7.34% improvement

Performance Results

The Aerospace Machinists Performance Program (AMPP) cumulative percentage based on 2015 performance is 3.0 percent. Participants in the AMPP program, including all IAM-represented employees who had at least some eligible earnings in 2015, will receive a 3.0 percent award payment in their Feb. 18 paycheck.

AMPP payouts are based upon the incentive formula established in the collective bargaining agreement. Performance targets are set each year by the IAM/Boeing Joint Council and cumulative results against the three metrics -- Quality, Productivity, and Safety -- are reported each month. Annually after year end data is available, performance results are reviewed and the IAM-Boeing Joint Council makes adjustments for any significant factors that are outside of normal operations.

In 2015, some of those factors included introductions of new models including 737 MAX, complex re-work related to the 767 Tanker and effects of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes on the production system, including 777 Fuselage Automated Upright Build technology, or FAUB.

- Quality performance realized 15.14 percent improvement during the year. Your strong efforts to reduce rework and drive first time quality translated into near-maximum payout for this metric. Focusing on improving quality company-wide continues to be a main priority across Boeing.

- Productivity performance realized 8.18 percent improvement during the year, but did not reach the 10 percent improvement needed for maximum payout. Productivity performance continues to increase with employee contributions and support of major improvement initiatives. Some examples include: standard work and Lean deployment on the 787, ESRC Lean wire bundle fabrication improvement for 737 MAX and continued implementation of the Boeing Portland Production System, a Lean+ initiative being implemented through EI teams.

- Safety performance realized 7.34 percent improvement during the year. Safety performance fell short of the maximum 16 percent improvement goals. Safety remains a top priority and in 2016 we will sharpen focus to reward behavior that proactively addresses safety issues before they become incidents.

Additional information on AMPP performance in December and for all of 2015 can be found on the AMPP website. The AMPP website also provides a calculator to help employees estimate their award from the 2015 performance.

The IAM/Boeing Joint Council will work together to establish 2016 AMPP goals and will share that information in the coming weeks.

Congratulations and thank you for your continued commitments to improve Quality, Productivity, and Safety at Boeing.

Walt Odisho, Vice President, Manufacturing & Safety, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Richard Jackson, Chief of Staff, IAM 751

Chip Elliott, District President, IAM W24

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Video: How Guide Dogs of America Gives 'Tails of Independence'

iMail, March 12, 2015

A new video tells the remarkable first-person stories of how visually-impaired men and women are finding independence from guide dogs donated and trained by the Guide Dogs of America (GDA), and how GDA makes sure every dog is a perfect match for their human partner.

Watch “Tails of Independence” here.

You’ll hear from folks like Pam Metz, a GDA Graduate who is now able to navigate her daily tasks with the help of her guide dog, Kingston.

“My reason for getting a guide dog was that I needed to be independent,” said Metz. “I never have liked depending on anybody, and I needed the ability to go when I needed to go and do what I needed to do.”

Greg Steinmetz received his first guide dog, Proxy, in 2004.

“That really changed a lot for me and made me much more independent and confident and opened a lot of doors that I don’t think I would’ve gone through had I not had a guide dog,” said Steinmetz.

“Guide Dogs of America was founded to provide freedom and mobility to the blind and visually impaired,” said GDA President Dale Hartford. “So when they call the school, we know exactly what they need. We match them with a well-trained guide dog, and that allows them to travel through this world with freedom and independence – that’s our mission.”

GDA services are provided at no charge to guide dog recipients. All donations come from IAM members, IAM local and district events, caring individuals, businesses, foundations, clubs, and organizations as well as through wills and bequests. The cost to produce a qualified guide dog companion, train the dog and recipient as a team, and provide the follow-up services to ensure safety and effectiveness throughout the team’s working life, is over $42,000.

To learn more about Guided Dogs of America, call 818-362-5834 or visit www.guidedogsofamerica.org.

Guide Dogs of America Changes Lives - Video Link

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Remember to Update Your Mailing Address with Your Union

Oftentimes, people don't think about updating their address with their union hall. Even if you're retired, it's important to keep your address and phone number updated. To do so, just call the Dues Office. Employers and the USPS don't update the hall automatically.

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Large Back Pay Award for Group at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

After a long and tenacious struggle, 13 Victim Advocates who work under a Service Contract at Joint Base Lewis McCord have gained a bit of justice. The Wage and Hour division of the Department of Labor has just finished their investigation and reached a settlement with their previous employer, Strategic Resources, Inc. (SRI), for a back pay settlement that could be well into the millions!

Western Territory GLR Kevin Cummings and District W24 BR/Organizer Wayne Thompson have been working with this group of dedicated women for 2 years, and the initial employer – Strategic Resources, Inc. – has finally been forced to make partial amends for their actions. Cummings and Thompson had organized the group a year-and-a-half ago, but SRI refused to honor the certification, or the workers sacrifice. “Victim Advocates are the first responders for Domestic Violence issues on military installations and a finer group of people is hard to find” said Thompson, “it has truly been a pleasure to work with them”.

Cummings added, “this group has a tremendous dedication to their mission, they are on call 24/7, and are placed in heart-breaking and sometimes dangerous situations. They don’t complain. They just go out and help the families of our warriors who are in tough situations and truly need them. Our hearts went out to them, we had to help.”

SRI had refused to recognize the Union, or rather, the NLRB’s authority to certify the first election in 2012, and refused to meet or bargain. Multiple Unfair Labor Practice charges were filed. The NLRB is continuing their battle with the company over their behavior. During the process, Cummings and Thompson became aware of some pay practices that just seemed wrong, and apparently illegal. They guided the employees at JBLM through the complaint process with the Wage and Hour division of the US Department of Labor, and urged W & H to look at SRI worldwide.

After an 18 month investigation, on April 2, 2014, the Victim Advocates, now employed by Armed Forces Services Company (AFSC), are being notified of a settlement agreement between the DOL and SRI. Each employee is receiving back pay for wages and benefits denied them by SRI in violation of wage and hours laws. Employees will be receiving their checks by April 25th. Most of the back pay awards are between $10,000 and $15,000. That in and of itself is a win, but the DOL did expand the investigation and DOL has stated that the settlement is for SRI Victim Advocates worldwide. With nearly 200 employees involved it will likely exceed $2,500,000.00.

When the group first turned to the IAM, they were being paid $14.40 per hour, and were not getting overtime for the late night calls to the crisis line, where they sometimes have to go and get the victim to the hospital or find them safe shelter. Victim Advocates working for counties, or the federal government, were making twice the amount in many cases. That is where the work began.

The IAM contacted the Department of the Army, and Senators Murray and Tester (members of the Senate Armed Forces committee), and raised the concerns about misclassification, and compensation issues. It took nearly a year, but last year the Army adjusted the area wage determination for the group to $24.26, and that is above and beyond the W&H settlement! Not only did these workers get the raise, but the Army created a new AWD for this classification that increased the pay for all Victim Advocates under this SCA – a total of twenty-five military bases, and there are nearly two hundred of them today, all enjoying the increased pay as a result of the IAM stepping in to help. Ultimately, SRI lost the Service Contract with the government after their bad behavior was exposed to everyone from Command at JBLM, to the Pentagon, to the US Congress.

Just last month, a second election was held and the Victim Advocates voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM. The new employer, AFSC, has been very receptive and respectful to both the workers and the Union since certification last month and progress is being made towards getting a Collective Bargaining Agreement in place.

“We are really pleased that there is finally some compensation for all the pain and abuse these sisters went through,” said Cummings. “Wayne and I are very proud to have been a part of bringing justice to this issue. The group never gave up, and neither did the IAM. When we stand together, we win!”

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IAM Members at Boeing Portland - Learn a New Language with Mango!

IAM/Boeing Joint Programs is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Mango Languages to provide IAM-represented employees a new way to learn a language. Mango offers 60 foreign-language courses and 17 English language courses to choose from – and is continuously adding to their library of languages.

Learning with Mango is free for active IAM-represented Boeing employees. The Licenses will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, starting April 1, 2014. You are encouraged to take advantage of this great resource.

Mango offers a fast, effective, and convenient solution all your language-learning needs. Each lesson combines real-life conversations and audio from native speakers with simple, clear instructions. The courses also give users insight into global customs and an effective approach that integrates components of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. Mango keeps language learning intuitive and encourages learners to fit pieces and sentence structures together on their own using critical thinking and repetition.

Mango is accessible online wherever there is an internet connection, and offers free downloadable apps for learning anytime on iPhone and Android devices. Mango’s app is also available on iPad, Kindle, and Nook. Mango is for use on your personal computers and devices only; Boeing computers and devices should not be used for Mango.

Visit the IAM-Boeing Joint Programs website starting April 1, 2014 for information and to start learning the language of your dreams.

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