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Together in Unity, We All Benefit

When we come together in unity to advocate and protect the rights and interests of all workers, we ALL benefit.  It is essential to get involved to contribute to and maintain the many achievements that we’ve gained over the years through collective bargaining processes and union practices.  

What do these words mean to you?  

Collective Bargaining, Job Security, Fair Wages and Benefits, Safe Working Conditions, Equal Treatment in the Workplace, and Solidarity.

Collective Bargaining:  Together we bargain divided we beg.  Unions negotiate with employers to secure better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Unions ensure that you have a voice in decisions that affect your workspace and livelihood.

Job Security:  Collective bargaining agreements include a grievance procedure which allows for protection.  This includes fair treatment and a fair procedure regarding progressive discipline, as well as protection against unjust termination.

Fair Wages and Benefits:  Union members get to come to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair compensation for their labor.  This bargaining also includes negotiating for healthcare, retirement and other benefits to help ensure a standard of living that allows us to raise our families and be able to live comfortably in our communities.

Equal Treatment in the Workplace:  Unions fight for equity to eliminate discrimination which ensures that ALL employees are treated fairly, regardless of race, gender, age, or ethnicity.

Safe Working ConditionsUnionized employers have fewer lost workday claims and fewer claims for “critical incidents”.  Many contracts allow for the union to be part of safety committees to help ensure safety in the workplace.

Other Benefits:  Our Machinists Union provides college education discounts.  We also have the Union Plus benefit program and Employee Assistance (EAP) for members and their families, as well as other programs like the Guide Dogs program and Veteran programs. (Go to for a complete list of services)

Solidarity:  Our greatest strength lies in us. We ALL need to continue to stand together to support one another and come together to collectively. shape our future.  Solidarity is not just a word; it is a commitment to stand with each other in a shared vision for a better future.

Unions are only as strong as their members.  Don’t let your collective voice be taken away.

In conclusion, it is imperative that we stand together to continue to achieve better wages, better work schedules, and working conditions.  Get involved, be a part of your negotiating committee, ask questions, talk to your stewards, and give your input of what is important to you.   


Business Rep.

Larry Bickett

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