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IAM Mechanics United

Dealership Mechanics and Tech across the nation are joining the IAM Mechanics United fight to organize their workplace. Dealerships and their Associations are fighting tooth and nail to keep their highly skilled workers living in poverty. The IAM Mechanics United Union movement is taking a stand and demanding Union recognition at dealerships nation wide including here in Portland Oregon.

We are currently working on getting recognition for the Mechanics at Portland's Jim Fisher Volvo who have filed a petition for election with the NLRB. Jim Fisher has retained a high dollar anti-worker law firm in a attempt to prevent this group of brave Mechanics from exercising their legal right to join or form a Union.

We are fighting the good fight and have won all the battles so far but we need your help to remind Jim Fisher Volvo that Portland Oregon is a Union town. 

If you are a employee at a Oregon Automotive Dealership and are interested in better wages, work hours and working conditions please click on the link below and a IAM Organizer will be happy to assist you.

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Tired of Low Hourly & Flat Rate Wages?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you need to contact the Machinist Union! We represent more dealership mechanics, parts and service writers than any other Union in North America. Our members have the highest wages, benefit packages and safest working conditions in the industry.

Contact our Organizer by clicking the following link

Tired of Guessing if a Annual Raise is Coming?

Need a Better Retirement & Medical?

Tired of No Tool Allowance/Reimbursment?

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