Welcome to the IAM Woodworkers Union! If your here it means your interested in higher wages, better hours, better benefits & working conditions 

We represent Timber Product workers at companies like Weyerhaeuser, Collins Timber Products, Interfor Lumber, Northwest Hardwood and more.

  Our members make $5-$7 an hour more than our non-union competitors. Our members have have great health insurance provided to them at no or low cost. Our members have pensions and 401k's that the employers match 5%-7% of our contributions. Most importantly our members have a voice on the job through their legal right to sit down with their employers and bargain a Union contract as equals. 

 You have a federally protected right to join or form a union of your choosing. Legally your employer can not fire you or shut down the plant because of Union activity.

If you would like to know more about the process of starting a union at your workplace click on "How It Works"


If you already have made up your mind and work at  Weyerhaeuser's Trus/Joist plant and are ready to sign an Authorization Card click on "Sign A Card"