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International Association of Machinist & Aerospace Workers


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Union members are able to sit down with management as equals and bargain for better workplace conditions. For some, that might be higher wages and better benefits. For others it might be job security or fair treatment. Regardless of your specific needs, the IAM is here to help. To learn more about organizing your workplace please click the link below.

& Events

IAM District Lodge W24 and our members host and participates in numerous events throughout the year. Whether it's fundraisers for our favorite charity, Guide Dogs of America or important resources for our membership, you can find out about it here. Please click the link below

Local Lodges

IAM District W24 is the proud home of 12 Local Lodges that encompass territory from Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho. To find the link to your Local Lodge's website or Face Book page please click the "More Info" tab below.


The IAM, or International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers, was founded in 1888 in a railroad pit in Atlanta, Georgia. The IAM is composed of a number of Districts and Local Lodges, organized along regional and industrial lines, each with particular functions and responsibilities.
IAM District W24 represents workers throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Montana. While our Union started in Machining & Aerospace, we've grown to represent thousands of workers in Transportation, Nursing, Mental Health Professionals, Medical Field, Light & Heavy Manufacturing, Maintenance, Public Defenders Office, Public Employees, School Employees, Public Safety, Department of Defense Workers, Forest Products Industry, Truck Manufacturing, Marine Terminals & much more.   


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Local Lodge 63

Chartered in1889 LL 63 represents workers in aerospace, public schools, maintenance,   ship yards, bakery & machining

Local Lodge W536

Chartered in 1937

LL W536 represents SW Washington workers in the forest product industry, transportation,

 health care industry & machinist industry

mount hood
local lodge 1005

Chartered in 1935

LL 1005 represents Oregon's Portland Metro area workers in manufacturing, automotive, maintenance transportation, public school, city government, bakery's & commercial truck manufacturing

local lodge 

Chartered in 1937 LL W130 represents Washington's Puget Sound & coastal area workers in the timber industry, healthcare industry, law enforcement & department of defense contractors

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big sky country
local lodge

Chartered in 1889 LL 88 represents Montana's workers in aerospace, automotive & heavy equipment maintenance, beverage bottling & distribution plants, public sector & private sector mechanics & Department of Defense contracts


woodworkers local lodge w38

Chartered in 1937 LL W38 represents Washington's SW Puget Sound area workers in forest products, law enforcement , public defenders office, district attorney's & city government 

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local lodge

Chartered in 1938 LL 1432 represents Oregon's Portland Metro & Washington's Vancouver area workers in  public power administration, transportation, healthcare, steel, manufacturing, machining

city government


woodworkers local lodge w246

Chartered in 1937 LL W246 represents NW Oregon area workers in forest products, transportation & healthcare


woodworkers local lodge w261

Chartered in 1937 LL W261 represents Central Oregon workers in city government, forest products, machining & welding


woodworkers local lodge w364

Chartered in 1937 LL W364 represents Eastern Washington & Idaho workers in forest products & healthcare


woodworkers local lodge w12

Chartered in 1937 LL W12 represents Southern Oregon & Northern California workers in forest products, aerospace & department of defense contractors


woodworkers local lodge W98

Chartered in 1937 LL W98 represents NW California workers in forest product

Machinist Union In Action

Machinist Union In Action



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