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After 18 months of contentious contract negotiations between the District Council of Trade Unions and the City of Portland the members of the DCTU coalition have rejected the City’s last, best and final offer and authorized the bargaining team to call a strike.

Over 91% percent of the 1200 union members that work for the City cast their ballot with 86% of them rejecting the last, best and final offer. Machinist Union District Lodge W24 business representative Will Lukens predicted the high participation rate prior to the vote stating that, “They’re tired of dragging this thing out.”

DCTU and the City of Portland remain far apart on several issues including wages. The union coalition has proposed a 2% wage increase for all employees in the first and second year of the contract in addition to COLA increases whereas the City is offering a one-time $3,000 bonus instead.

Union members and community partners came together on January 8th and January 18th to rally in solidarity with DCTU outside of City Hall. The rallies drew large crowds supporting the workers whose contract expired well over a year ago.

Another rally is scheduled for January 22nd and January 27th. The IAM District Lodge W24 is asking for all of our members to show up and show support for Local 1005’s members and the rest of the DCTU coalition.

For more information on the dates and times of future rallies or other DCTU events please check out their Facebook page at

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