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Hard Work & Hope Keep IAM Jobs Alive – A Message From International President Brian Bryant

Dear IAM Family,

Since having the honor of becoming the IAM’s 15th International President on Jan. 1, 2024, I am proud to report that myself and your Executive Council are continuing to lead our union towards a better future in a constantly evolving world. I have been traveling non-stop across North America to meet with our membership and hear your vision for our union. As a 34-year member who rose through the ranks of the IAM after building destroyers for the U.S. Navy, I continue to be in awe of the dedication of our membership and the excitement we all have for the future of the IAM.

Together, we are now embarking on a new journey, where we will continue to advocate for our members and reinforce our core values. We are being guided by you – the membership. After the IAM Committee on the Future held listening sessions with thousands of members across North America last year, the IAM Executive Council is now taking action to remake our union for the generations to come, including making our union more accessible and transparent for our members and prospective members. As our union grows, we must seize this momentous opportunity, drawing from past lessons to pave the way for the present and future generations.

This edition of the IAM Journal contains a wealth of information about IAM members’ incredible efforts and achievements. Through these pages, you will discover how our members have successfully organized and negotiated solid contracts for better working conditions and fair compensation. You will also learn how members contribute to their communities and help them thrive. Furthermore, you will see how our union’s strength has been a driving force in saving jobs and protecting workers’ rights. Each story and anecdote captured in these pages illustrates the dedication and passion of workers as they continue to shape their history through their actions and accomplishments.

In 2024, the IAM has been highly productive in empowering our union through effective organizing and bargaining. During the upcoming IAM Grand Lodge Convention in New York City, our members will shape the future of our organization for the next four years. And as we approach this year’s federal elections, it’s important to remember that our votes hold immense power to shape the future of our families, communities and society.

In honor of our roots in strengthening workers’ voices and a bright future ahead, I am proud to present the Summer 2024 IAM Journal.

In solidarity, Brian Bryant International President

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