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IAM International President Brian Bryant Joins President Biden to Protect Jobs

IAM International President Brian Bryant joined President Biden at the White House to unveil a significant trade policy shift aimed at safeguarding American manufacturing jobs and ensuring national economic security. The United States will quadruple tariffs on Electric Vehicles (EVs) imported from China and increase tariffs on other strategic sectors, including solar manufacturing equipment, due to their importance in our national security and economic stability.

Why it matters: This groundbreaking policy initiative comes as a response to long-standing concerns over unfair trade practices. It is designed to bolster U.S. manufacturing, protect domestic industries, and ensure that the backbone of America’s defense capabilities remains strong and entirely reliant on American labor.

Bryant highlighted the crucial role of American labor and IAM members in maintaining national security and economic vitality.

“As International President of one of the largest manufacturing unions in North America, I’ve seen first-hand the negative impacts of the Chinese government’s anti-competitive trade practices, such as dumping heavily subsidized imports,” said Bryant. “The IAM has been a leader over the years in sounding the alarm on unfair trade practices that cost North American jobs. Tariffs aren’t an end goal but a very important tool to end trade practices that kill good American jobs and drive down American pay. They are coupled with President Biden’s historic investment policies, which continue to build and grow an economy that benefits working families nationwide.”

The announcement results from years of advocacy against unfair trade practices, which aims to level the playing field for American workers and industries.

What they're saying: “The Biden Administration has been willing to challenge the disastrous effects of Chinese economic policies on American manufacturing and trade and enact policies to make a difference,” continued Bryant.

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