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Jim Fisher Volvo Workers Organizing Campaign Picks Up Steam At Oregon AFL-CIO Convention

Oregon's labor movement in action. Oregon AFL-CIO rally for Fisher Volvo Mechanics. Photo by Jon Irvine

Oregon's Union movement show up in force to support the Mechanics of Jim Fisher Volvo who are trying to organize under the Machinist Union District W24!

The mechanics at Portland's Jim Fisher Volvo dealership filed a petition with the NLRB back in February to organizer with the Fighting Machinist Union District W24. After marching on the boss and demanding union recognition the owner of Jim Fisher Volvo retained the Anti-Worker law firm of Fisher & Philips and has engaged in underhanded anti-union tactics which has only reinforced these workers resolve to organize with the Machinist.

The IAM-AW Mechanics United organizing movement received a boost over the weekend as union members from around the state rallied with the Jim Fisher Volvo mechanics at the Oregon AFL-CIO convention held at the Portland Oregon Hyatt Hotel.

Machinist Union District W24 lead organizer Jon Irvine and the Mechanics organizing committee lead Connor Hogan delivered moving remarks on why this organizing effort matters and encouraged the attendees to join the Machinist Union, Starbucks United and Portland's Job for Justice next Saturday for a joint rally in front of Jim Fisher Volvo and a Starbucks location two blocks away.

For more information on how you can support the Volvo Mechanics and Starbucks Workers this Saturday March 26th at 12:30 PM rally in front of Jim Fisher Volvo Located at 2108 W Burnside ST, Portland Oregon please click on the following link :

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