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IAM Members Stand in Solidarity & Ratify Five-Year Contract with Portland Oregon Daimler Plant!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

IAM members recently ratified a five-year labor contract with Daimler Truck Manufacturing in Portland Oregon.

The proposal was approved by a 2 to 1 margin, covering about 468 workers represented by IAM District W24.

The ratified pact includes wage increases of $4.00 an hour over the span of the 5 year contract and a $1.20 increase for entry level employees. The new contract pushes the highest pay bracket to $29.25 an hour, and over the life of the agreement it will rise to $32.25.

The contract, which the IAM negotiating committee unanimously recommended members ratify, also includes increases to the company’s 401k match, increases in dental allowances and extra paid holidays.

The proposal also included a signing bonus of $2500 for the first year.

The IAM negotiating committee who were elected by their peers on the shop floor made it clear to the company from the start that they would not bargain any concessions.

Even after bargaining all the way to an impasse and receiving a best, last and final offer from the company, business rep Dwain Panian and the IAM committee were able to convince Daimler to revise their final offer to include increases to the 401k.

“This was a tough battle but with the solidarity and the efforts of the Union Members, we have prevailed,” said lead negotiator Dwain Panian. Business representative Panian went on to say, “I personally want to thank the bargaining committee for their hard work and dedication. “The company is in the process of pouring in 30 to 40 million dollars in upgrades to the facility and this now includes an investment in the employees that work there.”

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