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Oregon AFL-CIO Awards District W24 with the "Hold the Line" Award

On October 31st, 2022 members from W130, W246, W261, and W536 returned to work after a 48 day strike to demand Weyerhaeuser give better working conditions and benefits to their members. PDBR Brandon Bryant spoke to the NW Labor Press about the strike and said "the strike was hard; members went without paychecks, dug into savings and cashed out 401(k) funds. But in his view it was a necessary fight against corporate greed: “We are the David to the corporate Goliath, fighting against them and asking for our fair share.”

“Our members love what we do,” Bryant said at the Oct. 21 rally. “We’re log truck drivers, we’re log yard workers, we’re maintenance personnel, we’re sawmill workers, we’re loggers. That’s what we do. And we want is to get back to work.”

In 2023 the AFL-CIO honored District W24 with the "Hold the Line" Award. This award is given in recognition for "Holding the Line" and fighting for workers in the Weyerhaeuser Strike.

In an desire to share the award with the brave brothers and sister who walked the picket line, volunteered to be strike captains, made strike signs, and helped organize strike checks, PDBR Brandon Bryant had 4 plaques made that were for each of the locals who participated in the strike. The plaques were present to the membership at the December 2023 District delegate meeting.

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