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  • Jessica Deming

Unions protest Adidas wage theft

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

On Thursday, March 23rd, some of our members were fortunate to join other union brothers and sisters in a protest to fight back against corporate greed by highlighting Adidas' theft of garment workers' wages in southeast Asia going back to the beginning of the pandemic.

Adidas North America's President, Rupert Campbell spoke at this month's Portland Business Journal March Power Breakfast. About 30 minutes into Campbell's interview, our brothers and sisters with other union members rose up, opened a banner telling Adidas to end it's wage theft, and begin chanting . We continued to tell them to pay the garment workers what they are owed, as Campbell, and his interviewer, fled the stage rather than respond to any of these accusations. The rest event was promptly cancelled the rest of the event, and Adidas did not respond after they no longer had fear of being called out for their actions.

We are grateful for the opportunity to once again show why we are the fighting machinists and to highlight the injustices of corporate greed, and stand in solidarity with workers around the world.

For additional information on the event, you can read this article.

Information on Adidas' wage theft, and suggestions to get involved, can be found on the Adidas Steals and Pay Your Workers websites.

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